Joy (Less)

Fed up of overthinking,

Always leads to over drinking.

Just sat here waiting for the worst,

Feels, in itself, like it’s a curse.


What if this and what if that?

Fuck this sad internal chat.

I’m just so easily offended,

When a conversations open ended.


Every day I spin the wheel of life,

Find a topic and stick in the knife.

Work, health, love, friendship too,

Who knows which one will stick like glue..


A vicious cycle I can’t escape,

This self destruction I truly hate.

Each season of woe lasts a time unknown,

Rolls in like a wave, takes its place on the throne.


She feeds my self pity, drinks in my unrest,

She steals away joy, keeps it close to her chest.

I’m angry, I’m sad, or I’m numb to the core,

Fed up of these tears, no surprise anymore.


This toxic frustration, just want it to pass,

How do I fast track this dull hourglass?

I’m ready for blue skies, I’d welcome them in,

Just need to escape her clutch from within.



1 thought on “Joy (Less)

  1. I can feel your struggle through the words. Well done. And a well-timed piece of me.


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